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I've thought about this, and I think if I do this in a well controlled way for a certain amount of time...I should be fine.

I'll start off limiting my calories enough for my body to THINK it's starving, even though it isn't, and stop taking diet pills -- they're not helping me lose weight even if they ARE giving me energy, and they are making my kidneys do unpleasant things.

So I'll start off somewhere aroud 500 calories a day and decrease to 300 after a week, and do that for one month. If I've lost the desired amount of weight, I will increase by 100 calories for the next month, and so on.

I'm willing to play this game because my weight is ruining everything else; I can't look like and/or feel like this anymore. I'll make sure I stay healthy enough to have energy at my 2 jobs, and school, and working out -- and make sure that I have enough energy at the end of the day to take care of/play with Sam. Once I'm down about...15 to 20 pounds, I will slowly increase my caloric intake and slowly increase my amount of physical exercise to offset any chance of weight gain.

I can do this and be fine.

However, what I think is going to be hard, is looking for a 3rd job and trying to find a goddamn used car that isn't a complete piece of shit.

I have homework to do right now, and some creative writing that I should work on.
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